17 April 2019

Primo e secondo posto al concorso “Terra Mia”

A volte è bello mettersi in gioco, con altri colleghi fotografi. Più volte lo faccio anche per una questione di critica verso le mie fotografie, vedere i diversi approcci mi aiuta senza dubbio a crescere e a confrontarmi. Il concorso […]
21 March 2019

Polaroid: what a passion!

The passion for instant photography is something I’ve always had, but in this last period a real rediscovery exploded, also coincided with the release of the new One Step Plus. Making projects with instant photographs is a completely different way […]
16 February 2019

Fotografia antica…si può fare!

Sono passati nemmeno quindici giorni dall’interessantissimo workshop di collodio umido tenuto dal fotografo Dennis Ziliotto ed eccomi di nuovo qua a parlare di fotografia antica. Non c’è dubbio che quel corso sia a me che al mio socio Andrea Cittadini […]
28 January 2019

Wet collodion photography

Saturday, January 26th was the day when my partner Andrea Cittadini and I were catapulted back in time. Thanks to the great professionalism and availability of the photographer Dennis Ziliotto we lived a day dedicated to ancient photography. We recommend […]
30 December 2018

Diary of 2018

It’s time for budgets and for me this 2018 has truly been a turning point in terms of my work and future projects. A year of consecration for photography, journalistic and reportage projects and also my transversal passions. With a […]
18 December 2018

Roby Bruzzone, the walker from the leg on his shoulder

In the last ten years, from the very first time I saw him on TV, Roby Bruzzone from Ovada immediately took him as an example and somehow a model to follow. For many myths are players, actors, or musicians and […]
7 December 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo and sports photography

2019/2019 has given me again the opportunity to look at sports photography with continuity and especially in important fields such as those of Serie A. The passion for this kind of photography is totally different from the reportage and I […]
8 August 2018

Luisa & Gabriele. Engagement to Trasimeno’Lake

When we realize the engagement there is always a bit of emotion because it is a particular moment of the couple. An intimate moment to share with the photographer but also a moment of lightheartedness, moreover if the couple you […]
9 July 2018

Una giornata con i nostri amici animali

Una domenica insieme a moltissimi animali, la prima esposizione canina nella bellissima cornice di Villa Fidelia è terminata e l’esperienza con lo studio Pet Portraits di Perugia è stata più che positiva. Una giornata nella quale abbiamo realizzato dei ritratti […]
25 June 2018

The Medieval Market of Gaite

One of the most exciting representations of Umbria is undoubtedly the prestigious Mercato delle Gaite. For ten days the city of Bevagna plunges back into the Middle Ages with its shops and crafts, and both during the day and especially […]
18 February 2018

Reflection on “Gli occhi della Guerra”

Continue my collaboration with the reportage web portal “Eyes of War”. This time I published an article about the recent cancellation of the INDIANS logo from the Cleveland baseball team. The piece shows how important it is for the people […]
16 February 2018

In flight over Umbria

Photojournalism always gives you lots of opportunities to live, like the one I had to face for RguNotizie.it on the morning of February 16th. As part of the initiatives of the 70th anniversary of the OMA Tonti (a renowned Foligno […]
23 December 2017

“Belle and the Beast” the musical

My second show after the wonderful “Jekyll and Hyde” made during the Primi d’Italia by Foligno’s OLBC company went great. Now the collaboration continues with the company and for me it is an honor to be able to create images […]
21 December 2017

Native American stories for children

The idea or experiment was to set up meetings during the Christmas period inside the former Piermarini theater in Foligno where Santa’s house was set up, where I could tell stories about Native Americans to children. Starting perhaps from the […]
15 September 2017

Journey from Assisi to Castelluccio

“Great trips have this wonderful, that their charm begins before the departure itself. The atlases open, you dream about the cards. The magnificent names of unknown cities are repeated. ” So was the great French journalist and writer Joseph Kessel […]
12 July 2017

Lakota Reportage Publishing on “Gli Occhi della Guerra”

And here’s the first release on a major portal of current news reports such as “Gli Occhi della Guerra” of Il Giornale. I am more than proud and proud that the two-year work done in the prairies of South Dakota […]
4 July 2017

Photographic exhibition of Lakota at “Kromart” in Rome

The Centro Sperimentale Ansel Adams has organized the first edition of the KromArt photography exhibition – photography and not only … in the premises of the former Latino Paper from 8 to 11 June 2017. The initiative, wants to be […]
27 April 2017

Publication on the Times of London

The first time in a foreign newspaper is always exciting, especially if we are talking about the Times. Just a year and a half ago I contacted a reporter, Jeremy Taylor, who was making a reportage in Italy riding a […]
22 April 2017

“Non passarci sopra” exibition by the Censis

New show on a very special show that will go around the Italian squares. It’s “Non passarci sopra” to which I donated an image that sums up the activity of the Sole for the Blind Foligno. The idea was to […]
2 February 2017

Guendalina: when the animal helps man

San Pellegrino of Norcia. Camp run by the Umbria region civil defense. The long straight of the industrial area from the town of San Benedetto brings to this small village is a journey, unfortunately after August 24, 2016, to do with […]