20 December 2016

Norcia’s “Li Fauni”. Tradition is not broken

The fire spreads around her warmth and light: it is the law of nature, which also applies in the world of the spirit. (Virgil Gamboso). In every age, culture or tradition fire unites the community around him in a sort […]
25 November 2016

Castelluccio and the journey with Rescue Speleological Umbrian

Roughly two weeks ago for Avvenire I realized a very special trip. My, and our Castelluccio post-earthquake on October 30 along with the Speleological Group and Rescue Umbro. A very special journey, unique as to travel some certain roads you […]
20 October 2016
Le fotografie del progetto #togettherstronger

#Togetherstronger – Photograpy becomes social

Help with your own picture of the devastated populations in the earthquake? E ‘was what we thought all (between colleagues) but luck has it that the dir.artistico of Perugia Social Photo Fest Antonello Turchetti has thought of this idea by […]
10 October 2016
Fantastika - la nascita del drago

FantastikaA – Birth Of The Dragon

The first article on my new blog will own the event that I was the protagonist in a double role: photographer and speaker RadioGenteNerd. This year, the Biennial of the fantastic art created by the eclectic mind of Ivan Cavini […]
29 August 2016

24.08.16. Terremoto

You know him because for your life there is a before and after the ’97, it studies and you practice during the year, but you can never prepare for what power of attorney, to the sensations that leaves you in […]
29 March 2016

“IRIS” al Perugia Social PhotoFest

The social photography festival is over but will never end in my mind and heart. Live as a protagonist was an incredible feeling, every time I saw people dwell on my project was a small success, to see my project […]
21 March 2016

“Immagini la vita” per il Comitato Daniele Chianelli

An exhibition and event to raise money for the Daniel Committee Chianelli. Yesterday, March 20 in the lobby of the residence-Committee has been prepared the report shows with the spectacle of my buddy friend Nicola Pesaresi. An afternoon of smile […]
16 February 2016

Workshop Paesaggi a Castelluccio

Finally I have tried over the scenery, looking for a workshop of this kind of really long time, maybe too much. Two wonderful days spent together with my colleague and friend Simone Frascarelli dedicated photo and nature. Much to learn […]
8 February 2016

Collaborazione con AVVENIRE

In these years of journalism I have never abandoned, I am always looking for more to specialize in photography from reportage and so consequently also in photojournalism because I believe that telling stories is with the images with texts is […]
22 January 2016

MiddleArtBook a Bologna

We continue our journey through Italy to discover Middle ArtBook to all fans. With close friend Ivan Cavini this time it was the turn of Bologna in the pretty Southern Literary Cafe Notturno, frame of people this time above all […]