The Emotional Reportage

Alessio Vissani was born in Foligno in 1981.
He graduated in Communication Sciences in 2007, after which he decided to take a masters in Rome at the Experimental Center of Photography Ansel Adams where he graduated in 2008.
A professional photographer and journalist.
Its preparation is for reportage: travel, backpackers and camera. Tell stories, anecdotes and having contact with the people, with all folk traditions through photography, is always looking for unique stories and characters they can relate past and present.

Love the black and white, and social reportage, has participated in dozens of exhibitions on personal projects both in and outside the region Umbria (Lucca, Venice, Rome, Senigallia, Perugia, Pistoia).

Lives and works in Umbria doing following reports and stories both locally and outside the region, double and business services.



on mission in the Abruzzo earthquake relief in 2009 (in collaboration with the Region of Umbria)


trip in the city of Foligno in a report in black and white (sponsored by the city of Foligno)


with artist Ivan Cavini: a photographic journey into the world of Tolkien artist best known in Italy with the report of the Greisinger Museum building (the first European museum theme Tolkien)

In March 2016 it is selected with the IRIS project (reportage on quotidianetà a blind person) to Perugia Social Photo Fest, European festival of social photography and therapeutic photography.

Photojournalist for and collaborator of AVVENIRE, published in national magazines such as Corriere dell’Umbria, Unità, Messaggero, Avvenire, Giornale dell’Umbria, La Repubblica and Famiglia Cristiana, is registered with the association photographic Contrasti of Bastia Umbria.

As part of the cultural association CHIAROSCURO of Foligno from 2010, periodic paper for which the journalist / photographer.