My greatest passion

Photojournalism, or reportage, is the search for a thick story, the study of the characters and the place that one goes to document. A report can be told through different techniques and ways: a series of portraits, static shots, landscapes, details.
The work of a photojournalist for a newspaper is to readjust the reality, through its objective, maintaining every kind of situation and emotion without the external hand affecting the quality of the work. Traveling in search of forgotten cultures or experiencing the reality that is documented because as the great Tiziano Terzani said “We need to understand what is behind the facts to be able to represent them. Photography – click! – that everyone can do it “.


Spontaneous images and without poses

Seizing a moment through photography and lock it forever. Grasp that expression that you do not expect, that emotion or hidden smile that only a day like marriage does come out is the challenge of who makes wedding reportage.


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The old photo meet Lega Nerd

The collodion-wet photography is fascinating, nostalgic but from a certain point of view it is also very nerdy. The term nerd has now taken off its “playful” and playful meaning for some time and has appropriated its truer etymology: that […]

Eyes on Perugia

A street photography workshop. A great desire to get involved, shoot without that brake between the camera and people with the awareness of telling a city in a different, intimate way. The idea of the Naples photographer Vincenzo Noletto was […]

“Waki. Photo Studio Vissani” opens its doors to the city

On May 4 opened Waki ​​- Studio Fotografico Vissani. In my tenth year as a professional, I decided to get involved at 360 ° with a studio where at the center there will be photography in all its facets. A […]