Journey from Assisi to Castelluccio

“Great trips have this wonderful, that their charm begins before the departure itself. The atlases open, you dream about the cards. The magnificent names of unknown cities are repeated. ” So was the great French journalist and writer Joseph Kessel writing about his passion for travel and surely this thought will blur in the minds of those who have resumed the old UFO topographic maps to search for what has always been but for too long hidden to everyone’s sight. It is called “The Umbria Trails on Horseback” the equestrian tourism experiment realized from June 27 to July 1, leaving Assisi and arriving at the pearl of Umbria: that Castelluccio so loved and sadly hurt for a while. The tour that winds through the hiking trails that once connected the main centers of the region between Assisi and Castelluccio di Norcia was conceived and organized as a preview of the Rural Tourism Show, which will take place in Umbriafiere from 6 October 8, thanks to the collaboration of Agriturismo La Malvarina, the Umbria Regional Committee of Italian Red Cross and sponsored by Mibact, the Associazione Beni Italiani Patrimonio Unesco and the Umbria Region.

The Cavallo Magazine, Caravan and Camper, Touring Club and, along with three free foreign laptops for the German magazines Funke Mediengruppe, Preubishe Allgemeine Zeitung, Grand Prix Magazine, German Equestrian Journals and the American Republic The Arizona Republic. The invited journalists were the first to test the enchanting route that saw them over one hundred kilometers in the saddle of horses trained, along with experienced equestrian guides and regional CAIs, with the aim of making known a type of tourism important to our region but even more to pass the message through the national and international media that in Umbria can return without any special problems. “It was a unique and rewarding experience – says coordinator Claudio Fabrizi de La Malvarina – to see journalists so excited about our landscapes is the proof that we live in a wonderful region. This tour, which is already usable by tourists who want to discover Umbria on horseback, obviously we will re-propose it with the formula we tested for journalists. Along the way we have the opportunity not only to dive into nature but also to visit the local art heritage, to enjoy typical products and to experience a 360 ° experience with the beauties and history of our region. Umbria made us discover Umbrian that we so much love this region unfortunately hurt and unjustly put down. ” Along with the riders from the Malvarina of Assisi, the caravan of travelers has seen the flank of a dozen of mule-shaped participants of the Associazione Muli Montati in Rome and some expert mountain bikers in Foligno Freeride, a tangible sign that the way reopened from Assisi to Castelluccio is usable for every possible and imaginable means.

Here is the page of the first article released on Cavallo Magazine’s August issue with photos of the reportage

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