The old photo meet Lega Nerd

Io insieme ad Antonio Moro e il mio collega fotografo Simone Frascarelli

The collodion-wet photography is fascinating, nostalgic but from a certain point of view it is also very nerdy. The term nerd has now taken off its “playful” and playful meaning for some time and has appropriated its truer etymology: that is, what is curious, stimulating and out of the ordinary is nerd. That’s why the editorial staff of Lega Nerd, the most important press in the category we have in Italy, wanted to try the technique and the whole experience. Simone Frascarelli and I loaded the car and brought everything needed to make portraits in the brand new Lega Nerd headquarters in the beautiful town of Ravenna. To welcome them, the editor-in-chief Antonio Moro, passionate about technology, photography and everything related to the world of images. During the preparation of the dark room, the set, the preparation of the slabs we told Antonio about how a collodion-wet process was born, who the discoverers were, how it evolved over time and above all our interpretation based exclusively on old recipes and the teachings given by the great masters. An afternoon in which Antonio was pleasantly surprised and excited at the moment of his portrait, intrigued by our optical benches made up to dedicate a video and written interview to us, which will soon be broadcast on the Nerd League channel. A day in which the photography of the Waki ​​Studio and the collective “Come una Volta” managed to conquer the modernity of the nerds of the 2000s. A partnership that will probably also lead to something else …

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