It all started on March 24, the day of my wife’s birthday in Foligno a snowfall fell like they hadn’t seen in years. I was inside my home, like everyone else, Italy had been in quarantine for a couple of weeks already. That rare snowfall caught me off guard and for the first time I felt helpless in front of my job, my job is also my passion and without a doubt that atmospheric event could be photographed in beautiful places and mountains around us. And it was at that moment that I saw my small garden as a possible reality to photograph but somehow the first thing he thought was “in this beautiful snowy carpet my figurine depicting Tex Willer could be just fine”.
And that’s how I started photographing my collection of action figures and figurines of pop-culture inside my home. The challenge was simple, one photo a day, contextualized as much as possible, to publish it on the pages of my social networks to try to alleviate this period of quarantine a little by tearing a small smile with a photograph.

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