“Waki. Photo Studio Vissani” opens its doors to the city

On May 4 opened Waki ​​- Studio Fotografico Vissani.

In my tenth year as a professional, I decided to get involved at 360 ° with a studio where at the center there will be photography in all its facets.
A historic place, right in the center where there will be a corner dedicated to welcoming the client, couples looking for their wedding photographer, a photo gallery of images from Umbria and the world and the darkroom the true heart of my ” new job. In these years of activity the report has always been my greatest passion, telling stories of all kinds, in the exhibition gallery inside the Waki ​​studio there will be the possibility to admire and buy the most important images (always thematized unlike the period ) that I made in these years in Umbria and also outside Italy, from landscapes to reportage, from black and white photographs to the most vivid color subjects.

The passion for photography, however, pushed me further, trying not to waste the ancient techniques, and here in my studio it will be possible to make photographic restorations of the old images that have been ruined in the attics, drawers or frames of our loved ones, techniques creative manipulation with Polaroid instant photography (portraits, themes on request) but above all the ancient photograph of collodion-damp. A technique dating back to 1851, the name “wet collodion” refers to those historical photographic procedures that used collodion as a binder for photosensitive emulsions. With this technique combined with the hand-made realization of optical benches (the old cameras of the mid-nineteenth century) it will be possible to live an experience as if you went back in time, an hour in which from the preparation of the laying, the realization of the slab and the development in the darkroom the client will be the protagonist along with me of his own portrait. In an era where digitalization is destroying photographs and memories, together with two other Umbrian colleagues (Simone Frascarelli and Andrea Cittadini) we have decided to push a channel of this type where craftsmanship and craftsmanship are at the base and again the fulcrum.

A special thanks to my wife and my family, always present at these moments. My old friends who flocked to the inauguration (grinding even hundreds of miles to stay there for only a couple of hours), fellow photographers and journalists, the editors of Rgunotizie and ChiaroScuro – Slow Press, the mayor Nando Mismetti who allowed me to have the emotion (after so many inaugurations that I photographed) of cutting the ribbon of my studio, the candidate Luciano Pizzoni who found time to move on to make me a big good luck. To all those who have come even for a greeting and to all those who have had the thought for me on this special day.
I wait for you in Waki. Vissani Photo Studio.

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