Publication on the Times of London

The first time in a foreign newspaper is always exciting, especially if we are talking about the Times. Just a year and a half ago I contacted a reporter, Jeremy Taylor, who was making a reportage in Italy riding a Harley Davidson. After the first contact emails we met at the Gubbio hotel where he stayed, there he explained to me his project and above all why he needed a photographer: to choose a beautiful panoramic place to represent Umbria where to shoot him By motorbike. Follow it on the way it would still have done but with more care on the part of the image. The day we chose was really bad (from the point of view of the weather) but the usual luck of the photographer wanted that in the hours we stopped the clouds they opened to a timid but strong sun which gave me light games and Very interesting contrasts.
This was the work done to Jeremy, until a week ago I got an email telling me that on Saturday, April 22, the article would come out with the photographs.
I therefore thank Jeremy for the confidence of my interpretation, even if it is a photography that is not complex from the technical and the report point of view, but having published on the Times is one of those emotions I will hardly forget.

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