Me: Chiaroscuro’s responsible director

The conference of the new number of Chiaroscuro

New year with new expectations but above all a nice news for me. The historical periodical of the city “Chiaroscuro”, now in its ninth year of life is back loaded with good intentions and expectations. In Foligno Saturday, April 7 in a video room of the Auditorium San Domenico, filled with curious and supporters took place the presentation of the new issue. Lots of news from the change of director in charge, from Guglielmo Castellano to the undersigned. There are also many graphic reviews of the quarterly Foligno, from the insights on work and school, to move on to science and creative writing with a well-defined analysis on the stories of characters Foligno and not. Inside the magazine stands out the special color photo that aims to tell anecdotes of the Umbrian land through the best photographers of the Region. “When we started – says Claudio Stella, editorial director – there were many magazines in the city and the fact that we are still presenting our releases is a pride and a pride, especially in a reality like that of now so particularly in publishing difficulty. We like being the voice of the city that tells stories and adventures every three months “. There are many news presented to the meeting including the new site of the association and the sale of the same magazine on Amazon just to keep up with the times. Beautiful performance during the event by the choir of the middle school “Carducci” and the singer Lara Raggi and a touching testimony of Roberta Salvati, a new contributor to the magazine that will deal with stories of resistance and resilience.

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