In flight over Umbria

Photojournalism always gives you lots of opportunities to live, like the one I had to face for on the morning of February 16th. As part of the initiatives of the 70th anniversary of the OMA Tonti (a renowned Foligno company specialized in the aircraft industry) for the journalistic magazine of Radio Gente Umbra, I had to create a photo shoot about the press conference and the subsequent flight test for us journalists. Together with the director Fabio Luccioli and the president of the Caritas Diocesana of Foligno Mauro Masciotti we spent a morning in the clouds of the Umbrian South Valley. From the airport of Foligno we arrived above Trevi and then reached Montefalco, with turns in group of three as spectacular as they are exciting. A plaudit to the pilots who made us feel the thrill of flying in a four-seat aircraft and for the entire sector (Oma Tonti, Foligno Airport and Aeroclub) that organized such a beautiful day for us journalists that we were in the air but also those who were admiring these maneuvers from below, like the students who would soon take cloche and commands for their first flights.

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