Wet collodion photography

Saturday, January 26th was the day when my partner Andrea Cittadini and I were catapulted back in time. Thanks to the great professionalism and availability of the photographer Dennis Ziliotto we lived a day dedicated to ancient photography. We recommend its workshops for teaching methods and above all for total immersion in the world of ancient development. A day in which we were able to realize our aluminum plates, follow all the emulsion phases with the collodion and development and above all the shooting with the optical bench, the completely manual exposure, the same pose that was used (or in any case the modality of the installation) at the end of the 19th century. Definitely a journey in time that has shocked us in a positive way as if we were curious before now we are impatient to continue what we have learned in the study of Dennis Ziliotto. You will hear again about the wet collodion on my part and my partner Andrea Cittadini.

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