Roby Bruzzone, the walker from the leg on his shoulder

La sala gremita per l’evento con Roby Bruzzone

In the last ten years, from the very first time I saw him on TV, Roby Bruzzone from Ovada immediately took him as an example and somehow a model to follow. For many myths are players, actors, or musicians and mine in recent years has been a walker (with prosthesis or as he prefers to call him from the leg on his shoulder) and adventurer of the incredible heart and charisma. I guard jealously printed his first reply email as a kind of relic (I remember happiness in reading his name in my mailbox), then came the interview created for Avvenire, the video interview for Radio Gente Nerd and finally the possibility to bring it to Foligno for the celebration event of the ChiaroScuro Association and the magazine number 50 of which I am responsible director, talk to us at dinner, exchange ideas, chat about travel, nature and present it during the evening. Clearly it was born an incredible evening but what surprised me the most his great charisma and charge in dealing with all kinds of difficulties. During the evening, his two books “Limiti” and “Africa Sotto Zero” were also presented together with Federico Blanc
A unique emotion that I will never forget, I thank him again for the availability and above all the great simplicity with which he manages to reach everyone.
The day that you know your idol is always a special day! At the next adventure.

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