Luisa & Gabriele. Engagement to Trasimeno’Lake

When we realize the engagement there is always a bit of emotion because it is a particular moment of the couple. An intimate moment to share with the photographer but also a moment of lightheartedness, moreover if the couple you are particularly fond of and are dear friends, the work is even more full of expectations and emotions for the photographer himself. Having photographed my dear friend Luisa together with her future husband Gabriele in the marvelous setting of Lake Trasimeno was a unique moment, she laughed and joked, she took a walk in a marvelous setting of our land. Being aware of having stopped the unique moments of a couple next to the wedding is undoubtedly the best feeling for a photographer: even more so if the couple in question is a couple that is held in particular. So from the bottom of my heart a wish for a happy life.

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