The Photo’s value

This new article is a small reflection on the photographic print starting from a beautiful event these days. Just after the Giostra della Quintana in Foligno (local and typical event of Umbria) for we decide to use as a main image of the victory a beautiful moment of two rioni that kissed with the back of the prize and the other friends to celebrate. A picture that has gone around the net and that of course has also arrived to the protagonists, but they, unlike others who are content with the “miserable” digital file, decide to contact me and buy a print I made in Fine-Art paper. Almost astonishes us for such a situation in an era where every memory is digital the taste of touching one’s own photo on paper has slowly turned off and reality like this couple or that of a young student of mine, Gianfrancesco Alessio Mariucci, who wanted to buy a print taken from the report “Images life” made me very much think about the value that is taking photography. Our period is determined by a huge amount of digital files and information, our travels are on our keys or hard-disk, on our Facebook page but the desire to browse the photographs or simply hang them in a part of the house is slowly disappearing . So all those who ask for prints of all kinds are welcome, there is no greater satisfaction than delivering a photograph on cards because the magic that runs on the eyes of those who asked you that photograph is priceless.

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