Giostra of Revenge 2018

La vittoria del rione Cassero (foto per

A new challenge, even a revenge, especially photographic for those who, after years, are always documenting the same event. I like the Giostra della Quintana because every year it gives me new stimuli, I always get bored with the usual images and every year I try to find the situation that I avoided or forgotten the year before. There is a lot of research on the carousel of the Quintana but what I like best is the adrenaline of the race and the thrill of victory. I love throwing myself in the melee looking for that face or that smile that represents the victory of a ward. This year the district Cassero has created a wonderful double win also winning the September edition but despite this there were photographic opportunities and also beautiful then as always I thank the editors of Radio Gente Umbra that gives me the opportunity to document for them the whole event, my photographer friends Stefano Preziotti, Andrea Pomponi, Marco Cardinali, Gabriele Cirocchi and Vanessa Raiola with whom I share for years the joust and all the hardships of what it entails.

HERE you can see the gallery of the Historical Procession
HERE you can see the photogallery of the victory of the district Cassero

Ps: sometimes a mention to us photographers who sweat, run and make the night to give you the pictures of the carousel should be done.

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