Diary of 2018


It’s time for budgets and for me this 2018 has truly been a turning point in terms of my work and future projects. A year of consecration for photography, journalistic and reportage projects and also my transversal passions. With a sort of diary I will tell you my year.

The conference of the new number of Chiaroscuro

January. Start the year with the change of guard regarding the magazine Chiaroscuro, a newspaper with which I have been collaborating for nine years now in 2018 with many innovations in Serbian, among which the direction that passes from Guglielmo Castellani to me, a fascinating challenge stimulating and I have to say that at the end of the year I can only be happy.

February. In this month two very important and stimulating photographic events, one gave me the opportunity to fly over the city of Foligno, photographing it, together with the director of Radio Gente Umbra Fabio Luccioli and the other is my first collaboration with the festival of Cinema di Spello that gave me the opportunity to photograph the two gala dinners of the same festival, excellent meetings with the actress Angela Curri and Alessandro Preziosi (thanks to the press officer Maria Tripepi and the director of the festival Donatella Cocchini) .

March. Two different but stimulating events in the same way. With the startup Ideattivamente we create various workshops for children with American Indian theme in the laboratory of Experimental Sciences as well as create promo videos and stop-motion photographs of the objects of the laboratories. Together with my editor of Avvenire Massimiliano Castellani, we preview the mosaics of Spello creating a page in the newspaper with text and photos of great impact.

April. The intermediate course of photography concluded with his colleague Simone Frascarelli at Bastia, with some very good feelings and feedback. Start my reportage for the farmer Alberto Tamburo on hemp, a work that will last a lot in time and months but with very interesting perspectives especially from the photographic point of view, but in this month everything revolves around my interview with astronaut Paolo Nespoli during the Science and Philosophy Festival.

May. In this month I dwell on a new project all Umbrian, the “Biological Movement” gym with which I realize two complete photographic services with athletes and without. We start again to photograph weddings with my partner Andrea Cittadini, with whom we embark on a closer and more fruitful collaboration.

June. In Foligno it’s time to Quintana and with Quintana the circle of my reportage started with the victory of the Pugilli district two years ago. Just inside the festivities and the propitiatory dinner, the exhibition “Una vita in Bianco-Nero” opens my report inside the neighborhood, passing from the field, to the parade for everything that is lived inside the barn. The victory goes to the Rione Cassero and my photograph of the two guys who kiss is literally the turn of the web, up to the direct interested who wanted it printed on fine-art paper: excellent choice!

July. A very full month of events. Let’s start from the ExpoCani festival in Spello where together with Andrea Cittadini we have a stand with instant photography to make portraits of dogs and owners. For the company Coricelli di Spoleto I realize a still-life service with various bottles of oil set in a wonderful field. Together with the director of RGU Fabio Luccioli we realize an interview with Emiliano Brandimarte, the last cow-boy of Castelluccio, an interview that will then be the winner of a regional competition on post-earthquake documentation. I began my collaboration with the Coldwell studio in Assisi, with whom I realized within two weeks two great photographic services of architecture and video of two structures (agritourism and private house). The month closes with the beautiful eclipse of Luna photographed in Colfiorito.

August. In addition to continuing the wedding services I realize the engagement to the couple Luisa and Gabriele on Lake Trasimeno, wonderful views and colors especially during the sunset. But this is the month of a new reportage and collaboration, yes because together with the transporter Leonardo Boccanera I make a report on a rescue of a bear for Asia Fondation (unfinished reportage that will take me to other places to document).

September. One month that of 2018 that I will hardly forget, plowed in every week, starting from wedding services that every weekend saw me in the forefront, up to the Quintana of Foligno made for RguNotizie.it passing through the biennial of fantasy art in Dozza Fantastika. The month closes with my event, with our event and moment: our wedding of September 29, the crowning of years of sacrifice and sweat, a day for me “perfect”.

October. After the wedding we leave immediately for the honeymoon, an incredible journey that leads us to discover New York, the wonderful valleys of Arizona and Utah and the Caribbean island of Aruba, all done strictly independently. Time to come back and start again with the guys of Radio Gente Nerd for the usual Lucca Comics & Games.

November. My journalistic collaboration begins with the Leganerd.com web portal with which I will deal with science, history and general culture. The month of November is also that of my return to the Serie A camps, after a few games in Frosinone I have the opportunity to photograph Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo in Florence, a particular emotion as for those like me who are not football lovers the strength of the champion and everything that revolves around him is felt very well. I also create a journalistic and photographic service for Avvenire sul Leone di Rasiglia, a story of discovery.

December. Continue my collaboration with Avvenire and for the national newspaper, along with RguNotizie.it, I make a report inside the maximum security prison of Spoleto on the first chess tournament between prisoners and outsiders. This month is also time for theatrical performances, where I continue to collaborate with the company OLBC photographing the “Belle e La Bestia” musicall and of course company dinners such as that of the Comitato Daniele Chianelli. But surely I will remember this for two major events, the first sportsman my first half-marathon ended (21 km and a half) and another my dream of knowing one of my greatest idols: Roberto Bruzzone. In the month of celebration of the fiftieth number of Chiaroscuro we were able to invite the trekker from the “leg on his shoulder” to talk about his experience and also his two books “Limiti” and “Africa: under Zero”, an incredible evening spent together with a an extraordinary man then applauding the editors of Chiaroscuro who accepted my idea of ​​bringing this wonderful man.

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