Cristiano Ronaldo and sports photography

Alessio VISSANI/ Agenzia Komunicare Campionato di calcio Serie A TIM 2018/2019 Stadio Artemio Franchi Firenze(FI) Fiorentina vs Juventus Nella Foto: Ronaldo in azione

2019/2019 has given me again the opportunity to look at sports photography with continuity and especially in important fields such as those of Serie A. The passion for this kind of photography is totally different from the reportage and I must say that the adrenaline ‘meeting, seize a particular technical gesture and send it directly to the agency for a publication the next day is something that I really like. Clearly a thought goes to the Fiorentina-Juventus game in which I could see with my own eyes the Cristiano Ronaldo effect on the Italian championship. A perfect champion that goes beyond football and that above all creates an incredible media expectation, it is no coincidence that the photograph that I consider most important and most significant of all is precisely that of the child who seeks his gaze and that at some point manages to snatch a “five” from the Portuguese champion. His movements, his race and everything that revolves around him seems to be of another planet and even in photography there is not a moment that does not transpire this perfection. Now let’s continue to work this way and always get involved with this kind of photography.

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