Ancient photography … it can be done!

Not even fifteen days have passed since the very interesting wet collodion workshop held by photographer Dennis Ziliotto and here I am again talking about ancient photography. There is no doubt that the course is to me that my partner Andrea Cittadini has literally opened up a new world, already passionate about ancient development, the wet collodion has so passionate us that waiting for the search for a historic optical bench we decided, together with the indispensable help of another friend and colleague the talented Simone Frascarelli, to build it from us. Hand project, wood and iron, numbers to interpret and afternoons in the laboratory have meant that in a few weeks we succeeded in building a true 4×5 optical bench from scratch. We just had to test it and what better occasion if not the Photo Shop by Dennis Ziliotto?
Phenomenal result (all done with a lens taken from an old photocopier) and photograph output perfectly, the satisfaction of having shot and printed a picture with something that was born from their hands is unmatched. And now the interesting phase comes alive.
Ancient photography is almost ready to return to the market with arrogance.

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