My greatest passion


Photojournalism or reportage has always been my greatest passion. The search for a story in thickness, the study of the characters and the place that you go to document, the reportage is all this but above all there are no time limits: it can last a day, a week, or years. The report you can play anywhere: in the city, in an open space, at home, in a confined environment; the larger the area, the greater the need to seize this environment with more photos.

Travelling in search of forgotten cultures or simply make a trial story actually close to us is my purpose: to enter into possible contact with the subject photographed, living the reality that is documented and bring out just what you see is my purpose because as the great Tiziano Terzani said “You have to understand what is behind the facts to show it. The photo – click! – That they do all the”.

  • The first journey

    The journey of Speleological Rescue to Castelluccio after the earthquake
  • A life in Black and White

    The Quintana with the quartier Pugilli: story of love and sacrifice
  • Fauni: Old Tradition

    The Fauni a mountain tradition that has been handed down for centuries
  • Third Time

    The story of an amateur rugby team (but there is nothing amateur) coached by a woman
  • Imagine Life

    An experience of a year in contact with the small players in the Oncology department of Perugia
  • Under the Mountain

    Behind the scenes of the realization of the Greisinger Museum, the largest collection in the world with the theme J.R.R.Tolkien
    Reportage on the construction of the Greisinger Museum Jenins Switzerland. The works produced by Ivan Cavini.
  • Good Friday in Colfiorito

    The striking Via Crucis in Colfiorito with its hooded sinners with chains on their feet
    Via crucis di colfiorito, persone in preghiera che aspettano in silenzio la processione in Umbria
  • Neptune’s Second

    The report wants to show the life of a small crew of the Argentario
  • Iris

    A social study on quotidianetà a blind made over five years in the simplicity of housewives actions