A life in Black and White
19 June 2018

The first journey

The journey of Speleological Rescue to Castelluccio after the earthquake

Period: 2016
Avvenire and Rgunotizie.it

The trip takes care of the expedition carried out by the Speleological Group and Soccorso Umbro in Castelluccio after the tremendous earthquake of 30 October 2016. A unique journey because to travel certain roads it was possible to do it only with their experience and professionalism. Matteo Moriconi at the helm of the Defender was the pivot of my story published on Avvenire and RguNotizie.it. I sincerely thank Matteo for the availability and professionalism of his work, my dear colleague Stefano Preziotti (La Nazione) and the photojournalist Federico Scoppa known in this situation.