Via crucis di colfiorito, persone in preghiera che aspettano in silenzio la processione in Umbria
Good Friday in Colfiorito
15 September 2016
15 September 2016

Neptune’s Second


The report wants to show the life of a small crew of the Argentario

Period: 2014-2015
Publication: Avvenire (national newspaper)

“When you return to the ground you can tell what kind of life we do fishing, every day of the year, with or without rain, the cold and the heat, but it is a life that I can not help it because my problems I leave them to port and haunt them at the port, we’re me when I surf the sea and just why should I distance myself from this paradise?”
Bruno Di Meglio, fishermen from the ripe old age of six, when for the first time his father made him go on a fishing boat, now nearly seventy years has no intention to leave his vessel: Nettuno Secondo. The report made in 2015 wants to show the life of a small crew of the Argentario, one of the last things that still face the sea for it’s long stretches of six days.