Reportage on the construction of the Greisinger Museum Jenins Switzerland. The works produced by Ivan Cavini.
Under the Mountain
15 September 2016
Neptune’s Second
15 September 2016

Good Friday in Colfiorito


The striking Via Crucis in Colfiorito with its hooded sinners with chains on their feet

Period: 2015

The Via Crucis (Latin, Via della Croce – also known as the Via Dolorosa) is a rite of the Catholic Church which is rebuilt and commemorates the painful path of Christ that you start to his crucifixion on Golgotha. In mountain villages is a very lively tradition, months of preparation for a ritual among the oldest. In the Umbrian mountains undoubtedly the most striking is that of Colfiorito with its representation of Good Friday. The deafening silence of the streets is broken by the fatigue of hooded sinners with chains on their feet.