The Emotional Reportage

I was born in Foligno in the province of Perugia in 1981.
After a course of classical studies and after graduating in Communication Sciences in 2007, I moved to Rome to specialize on my great passion, photography, attending the course of studies at the Experimental Center of Photography Ansel Adams. Over the years as a photographer, however, I never forget the journalistic writing, my other passion and I can become a journalist in 2016. I work as a photojournalist and journalist for the national newspaper Avvenire, as well as other collaborations from freelance with local newspapers and sports photo agencies.

My predisposition is reportage: traveling, backpacking and camera. I love walking in the mountains and venturing along unknown paths in search of situations to photograph. Stories of both ethical, anthropological and local traditions.

When I’m not a photographer I like traveling by motorbike, I love reading and I’m a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, a passion with which I have been working for years on photographic projects on the “fantastic”, also making the first four-handed book where photography meets the illustration entitled “Middle Art-Book”. I am also a radio speaker at Radio Gente Umbra, I am responsible for the magazine Umbra Chiaroscuro and in the spare time, in the early morning for more, a runner.



on mission in the Abruzzo earthquake relief in 2009 (in collaboration with the Region of Umbria)


trip in the city of Foligno in a report in black and white (sponsored by the city of Foligno)


with artist Ivan Cavini: a photographic journey into the world of Tolkien artist best known in Italy with the report of the Greisinger Museum building (the first European museum theme Tolkien)

In March 2016 I was selected with the IRIS project (reportage on the daily lives of a blind person) at the Perugia Social Photo Fest, a European festival of social photography and therapeutic photography.

Photojournalist of AVVENIRE, collaborating with newspapers and local agencies (such as and Corriere dell’Umbria) as well as free-lance sports agencies, he has published in national magazines such as Unità, Messaggero, Avvenire, Giornale dell’Umbria, La Repubblica, Corriere dell’Umbria, TuttoSport and Famiglia Cristiana, I am enrolled in the photographic association Contrasti di Bastia Umbria.

Director in charge of the magazine CHIAROSCURO of Foligno and socio-honorary photographer of Wambli Gleska, an NGO that fights for the rights of the Native Americans.