Racconto sui Lakota Sioux a Dozza!

A meeting was born almost by accident, between a chat and another the council of Dozza Dozza Foundation in collaboration with the city of art decided a week ago to organize a unique evening open to the public where I and Ivan Cavini the raccontassimo ‘experience in South Dakota. A giant screen behind us where to project our photos, our diaries and simply our words that correlated images. Result? Extraordinary success, in an intimate and very informal, we spent two hours to remember our adventures on the Prairies, more than fifty people attentive to all that we had to tell placing us wonder and curiosity. The formula we have proposed is very simple, a formula very close to those who are not expert in Native American culture, a formula based on the emotions and feelings that we experienced within the reserve and the field. People all around us in a semicircle as to recreate a community that gathers around the fire listening to stories … so thanks to the municipality of Dozza, the mayor Albertazzi, the foundation Dozza art villages with Simonetta Mingazzini I have invited to introduce the report, the purpose of Wambli is this awareness of others and with a usual companion in adventure Ivan Cavini (last but not least Laura and David for their extreme passion for the Lakota, and closeness me).


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