Fauni: Old Tradition
19 June 2018
Imagine Life
15 September 2016

Third Time

Work in Progress

The story of an amateur rugby team (but there is nothing amateur) coached by a woman

Period: 2015-2016-2017

“The rugby is a primary game: bring a ball in the heart of enemy territory. But it ‘s based on an absurd principle, and wonderfully perverse: you can only pass the ball the back. The result is a paradoxical movement, a continuous doing and undoing, with the ball flying back continuously but as a fly enclosed in a moving train: a fury to fly backward, however, comes at the end station: a spectacular absurd. “. Alessandro Baricco writes about rugby, a sport as hard as loyal. The report follows the story of an amateur team (but there is nothing amateur) coached by a woman. Every single moment, from left, to the everyday before a meeting, to meet the combination of the team: a journey into the world of rugby.