Norcia’s “Li Fauni”. Tradition is not broken

The fire spreads around her warmth and light: it is the law of nature, which also applies in the world of the spirit. (Virgil Gamboso).
In every age, culture or tradition fire unites the community around him in a sort of large coterie totalitarian. The best stories have always been recited around a fire, the discovery itself was the turning point in the evolution of human culture and it starts right from the Fire, even if only for a single night. Norcia and its inhabitants did not want to break the tradition that saw them protagonists December 9 in ignition “Li Fauni”; the earthquake has deprived them of their home intimacy but the traditions in mountain countries are stronger than such devastating events. The faoni, or rather “Li Fauni”, represent one of the manifestations certainly more features of Norcia in a mixture of paganism and Christianity. The country with the unique heart shape is divided by seven districts, one for each port city and each district with their representatives is dedicated to the pursuit of gorse to feed the great fires. It takes obviously different expenditure among rionali to find all the broom to fan the fire; from year to year it has been gaining competitiveness to increase in every single neighborhood since the early preparations: there is competition between those who charge more than the truck, between those who make the greatest Phaon, between those who can create the most beautiful fire or the richest feast. The great fires that light up the night of December 9 have two meanings, the meaning is the now pagan winter exorcism to the doors and burning the old year to get loads the new year, the nuances of the ancient belief pay dates are also the same as burning campfire, how the flame is fed and how it disintegrate the “Phaon”. Christianity wants to bring the holiday’s origins to 1291, the night when the house of the Virgin Mary, in Nazareth, was taken to heaven by angels, and transported on the shores of the Adriatic, in Loreto, safe from the infidel Turks, who occupied the Holy Land. To indicate the path huge fires were lit, which led them to where the religious fervor was stronger and throughout the Valnerina came on these signals that were to be true “pioneer”; Cascia, Norcia, Monteleone, Cerreto Borgo and all of the neighboring mountain villages in one night became united according to the only creed of 9 December. In this 2016, the “Festival of the Bells” (also called in this way) has a completely different flavor but the mountain can not and must not stop the traditions and it is so even in places other than known porticos of the city and the butchers the inhabitants of the mountain have still wanted to celebrate their “Phaon”.
“On December 9, for us to Norcia is a very important pre-Christmas holiday, and this year most of the past years we had to gather around our fires to exorcise this 2016.” faoni “were made – says Paolo Millefiori, butcher – and in a climate of fear and sadness of the burn “fires” must be the first cornerstone of our future. Around the fire then many volunteers of the Civil Protection are joined, the Fire Brigade, Mountain Rescue and the Army, in short, our “faoni” were to be even larger than usual for all the public who admired them during the cold night of December 9. The tradition was that at midnight all the bells sounded in the city party for fifteen minutes, unfortunately this was the only thing we could not do for obvious reasons but the bells will ring soon, Norcia it is safe. ” The atmosphere that reigned around the fire did not feel sad or resigned, far from the banquet realized thanks to local companies that have redistributed norcinerie various went fine, the big barbecue have warmed the hearts before lighting the bonfire , polenta and homemade mulled wine-must for all those who approached the place in which it “Phaon” and then dances, folk songs with harmonic, games and the guys who first wanted with their torches light the great fire : young people who remain in spite of everything, in love with their land and who want at all costs a new Norcia that can make their bells ring out not only for fifteen minutes but for a long time.

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