Evening with the Photographic group Perugia’s Unicredit

With pleasure I could attend an evening at the Photographic Club Unicredit in Perugia in this December; He invited by President Marco Nicolini who introduced me in a dress of the photographer “eclectic” for me it was just a pleasure to exhibit my work, my way of approcciarmi to reportage photography and also to photojournalism. Obviously a very good part of the evening was focused on my recent travels in the lands of the Lakota Sioux and as always, there were many questions from the audience, intrigued by the events of South Dakota and also by the very recent situations involving the pipeline. I also showed my other jobs as Middle-Art Book, the reportage According Neptune and Iris with whom I participated in Perugia Social Photo Fest. Having brought the portfolio with the report prints on Lakota has allowed me to continue to review together aspects of American Indian culture that so intrigue people. Special thanks to President Nicolini and the copious inflow of people in a cold winter evening, as always for me is an honor to participate in these events but also a prestigious boast.

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