Castelluccio and the journey with Rescue Speleological Umbrian

L'articolo di AvvenireRoughly two weeks ago for Avvenire I realized a very special trip. My, and our Castelluccio post-earthquake on October 30 along with the Speleological Group and Rescue Umbro. A very special journey, unique as to travel some certain roads you can only do this with them and their history that made me shoot the spark for the piece just published (24 November 2016) in Avvenire. Henceforth I will insert a few excerpts of the piece, and images taken on that particular day so dear to me how painful. I sincerely thank Matthew for the availability and professionalism of their work, my dear colleague Stefano
Preziotti (La Nazione) and photojournalist Federico Scoppa known in this situation.
“Matteo, as a rescuer if I ask your memory of Castelluccio shock of October 30 what? “No doubt today (November 9) I had the worst feeling, with the ultimate accompaniment to Diego to resume his tractor Castelluccio we left at the mercy of his fate: now we have temporarily put a point on this place and this makes hurts like hell. ” It’s been ten days since the terrible earthquake of October 30, and life seems to have stopped at those interminable seconds of earth tremor. The doomsday scenario is a film that is repeated in every earthquake, the first squares crowded with people now at the mercy of cranes and debris swept away activities within a few seconds and that sense of helplessness that regnCastelluccio after the shock of 30 October to the sovereign in all the eyes of the inhabitants.
It’s still.
“On the morning of October 30 we immediately understood the gravity of the situation – says Matteo Moriconi vice president of the mountain rescue Speleological Umbro – each link to the plain Castelluccio dopo la scossa del 30 ottobreand the country was totally damaged, the rescue could not get to the country and our intervention was vital . We have, from the start, created a new route with GPS to get to Castelluccio and since then we have not stopped. ” The journey inside the Defender of the Alpine Rescue is a journey through the soul of the Sibillini Mountains, you travel all the countries lashed by the fury of the earthquake up to the wildest part of those places, so that silent mountain but wound internally that seems to scream their pain every second. With the last of the people transport unfortunately leave Castelluccio in winter hands that we all know how hard it is in that area. We lovers from all over the mountain and that part of Umbria we will not abandon it to itself always keeping alive the attention of one of the pearls of our region. “

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