A day with our animal friends

One Sunday together with many animals, the first dog show in the beautiful setting of Villa Fidelia is over and the experience with the Pet Portraits studio in Perugia has been more than positive. A day in which we made unique portraits of dogs with their owners, family portraits printed directly on site on fine-art paper. The audience response was more than good, with many requests for photographic sessions and the possibility of giving a unique portrait or at least a much more structured memory of a usual canine festival photography. The reality of animals is a reality that is increasingly studied and analyzed, even the percentage of growing animals in case is an objective fact and for this together with the study Pet Portaits it was decided to jump into this photographic field, portraiture pure and simple as it was done once but with the aim of obtaining a result / memory that is unique in its genre because, as the slogan of the studio itself says, “a portrait is forever”. Thanks to the organizer Nicola Ciotti for believing in a more “artistic” and less commercial photography.

For information on photo session visit the website HERE

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