24.08.16. Terremoto

You know him because for your life there is a before and after the ’97, it studies and you practice during the year, but you can never prepare for what power of attorney, to the sensations that leaves you in those interminable seconds . Again in our land, in one of the most magical places in the region like Norcia and / or Castelluccio countries and then again razed, new situations seen in Emilia and Abruzzo unfortunately, an almost continuous reportage that takes some breaks year (which would only serve to update the date and place) but after I found that the people I love are safe to take the uniform of the Civil Protection becomes automatic; sometimes there are choices to be made and in my case the choice was to espouse the cause PROCIV for years and years. For me even just a thank you from people who do not know who are in difficulty is the greatest wealth you can wish for. This year this event will be even more likely the company of Emilia-Abruzzo earthquake because the company has exploded even more and that is why I invite everyone to pay attention to the demands of any type of collected unlikely, always make sure the cooperation with bodies of Civil Protection , Fire Department, Forestry and whatnot, invitation to those who want to lend a hand to simply be part (enrolling) of a Civil Protection association to help with the right timing, right vehicles without hindering the machine with the aid initiatives personal. For the rest of the human soul in these moments back to the true nature of what it is that is to the community and the fact that all are neighbors in this way the community makes us even proud of our being. #earthquake

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